The Company

We know that customer service and relationships go hand in hand and the proof is in the relationships we establish with you and your team.

When we say we’re an extension of your business, we really feel that way.  Our team takes the time to learn your company processes, corporate culture, expectations, needs, nuances…

You should expect accuracy, timeliness, and accountability from any service provider – especially when your lien rights are involved.  Saying we provide those services would be redundant – our strength is how we align with you.

From the start, our team takes the time to learn your unique requirements from before you take your first project through to the end.

How do we do that?

  • Onboarding:  Setting you up for success through our fully integrated portal including training, process guidelines, best practices and submitting your first request is the first step we take when welcoming you to the team.
  • Responsive: Your Research Analyst is dedicated as a constant resource to you and your team.  We will answer all your questions and be available if/when a situation arises.
  • We Listen: No one knows better than you as to how our company, our processes, and our software can be better and make your life easier.  We listen, we analyse, and we adjust based on your feedback.
  • Escalations: Our team of Escalation Consultants will work with  you one-on-one to strategize the most effective course of action.  We know every project is different and we address each situation individually. (Escalations may include: Notice of Intent, Demand Letters, Mechanic’s Liens, Bond Claims, or attorney referrals)
  • Education: We provide you an abundant assortment of training opportunities year round – check our calendar for our current offerings
    • Webinars
    • Seminars
    • Round-tables
    • One-on-One Video Conference
    • Custom, in-house training for general contractors and their subs and suppliers to maximize best practices and compliance

At the end of the day, we are fully aware that your success dictates our success. We will always place  you, your business, and your team as our primary focus.

We are humbled to be working with some of the best construction companies & material suppliers in the industry. We truly look forward to working with you and your team.  We invite you to reach out to discuss any needs or questions you may have.

The Crew