Contingency Planning & Preparation for Impacts From COVID-19

Contingency Planning & Preparation for Impacts From COVID-19 Our team is always impressed by the resolve of the builders and creators that help improve the lives and resources of their communities.  As of late, we’ve seen the builder’s spirit is exceptionally strong and wonderfully resilient.  This isn’t the first time we, as an industry, have […]

The ‘Doctrine’ of “Belt & Suspenders”

All states require, by statute, specific guidelines be followed in order to protect your investment of labor and material on residential, commercial and public projects under mechanic’s lien laws.  In MOST states, preliminary notices, notice to owner, or other similar documents are required within specific time frames after your first day of furnishing labor or […]

Arizona Mechanics’ Lien Rights Expand Under New Law

New legislation (SB 1304) is amending A.R.S. § 33-992.01 (governing “preliminary twenty-day notices”) to increase the “lien reach” of Arizona 20-day Preliminary Notices to 30% (up from the 20% we’ve known for decades). This change applies to construction projects where lienable activities (such as labor, materials, professional services, equipment/machinery, fixtures, and tools) are “first commenced to be furnished from […]