National Lien Services announces partnership with Prelien Pro Technologies’ Procore Embedded Application

National Lien Services announces partnership with Prelien Pro Technologies’ Procore Embedded Application

MARCH 29, 2022

MESA, AZ – March 29, 2022 – National Lien Services, LLC, a leading provider of construction legal document preparation, today announces the formal partnership with Prelien Pro Technologies’ Procore embedded application. 

“Our commitment to offering state-of-the-art solutions for our clients is a driving force around everything we do.  This embedded application is only the first of many upcoming integrations that will allow our clients and partners to easily request, track, and catalog preliminary notices, lien waivers, mechanic’s liens, and more,” said Amy Houk, Founder / Principal of National Lien Services.

“We are very excited to put this product in the hands of National Lien Services’ clients.  With construction technology evolving as quickly as it does, we found it most important to provide a scalable solution that will allow teams to do more with less,” said Peter Houk, Chief Technology Officer of Prelien Pro Technologies.

Key highlights of this partnership:

  • Leverage Procore project information to complete preliminary notice requests
  • Single access point via Procore to submit requests to National Lien Services
  • Eliminate data entry on multiple platforms
  • Generate lien waivers from new, embedded interface
  • Easily request escalations on slow pay or no pay projects
  • Catalog incoming preliminary notices from lower tiered subcontractors or suppliers
  • Communicate errors on preliminary notices directly to your subcontractors and suppliers
  • Project directory is automatically ingested into Prelien Pro for easy tracking of inbound notices and waivers
  • Dynamically create job information sheets and email them directly from Prelien Pro to your subcontractors and suppliers

Upcoming features:                

  • Request lien waivers from lower tiered subcontractors and suppliers to accompany pay applications
  • Quickly pay your subcontractors and suppliers directly from Prelien Pro
  • See project’s contractor organization chart to easily see relationships between subcontractors, 2nd tier subcontractors, and suppliers
  • … and more!

Data Integration:

By leveraging the integration opportunities with Procore, we have created seamless sharing of critical project data. 

What we extract from Procore:

  • Prime Contract Information:
    • Address
    • Contract Amounts (editable in Prelien Pro)
  • Project Details (if you don’t utilize the Prime Contract feature in Procore)
    • Address
    • Key dates (start date / expected end date)
  • Project Directory
  • Change Orders
    • For amending preliminary notices

What we share with Procore:

  • Uploaded documents in PDF (preliminary notices, lien waivers, escalations)
  • Project Directory (when a subcontractor or supplier is added in Prelien Pro, it will add that contact to Procore also

What we don’t share with Procore:

  • Dollar amounts on preliminary notices, lien waivers, or escalations
  • Payment challenges with escalations

About Prelien Pro Technologies:

Prelien Pro Technologies began when a team of consultants were asked to develop an easier workflow for lien companies to manage the hundreds of prelien notices submitted to their company weekly.  Once they dove into the structure and processes lien companies were utilizing, it became very obvious that the lack of “out-of-the-box” solutions was crippling this industry.  Lien companies were spending 10’s of thousands of dollars to create custom, single-user solutions or relying on a dos-based, single desktop solution for software that was cumbersome, antiquated, and rigid.  Shocked by what they found, they sought out the guidance of one of the most dynamic and successful CTOs to wrestle the “ dot-com boom” they could find… one laptop, one monitor, and one hot conference room later, a dream team of developers, innovators, and consultants came together to form what would become Prelien Pro Technologies.

As they researched and learned more about this industry, they also found that construction companies were forced to submit their notice requests on an equally outdated interface.  The team was shocked to hear that most construction companies weren’t too bothered by the legacy look and feel as most software they used at the time was just as clumsy.  Realizing that the construction industry was ripe for a solution to weave together all of these processes and workflows, the team devised a strategy – to learn the lien management industry from the inside out.  They achieved this by creating their own lien company, collaborating with the construction industry, and building a solution that solves all of the obvious (and not so obvious) issues this process had on the overall performance and cost of a project.   

This strategy led to an immeasurable amount of input from the construction industry – not just from the builders, but also the suppliers, the funders, the developers, and the insurers.  The team built relationships with every level of construction to prepare and plan for a development strategy that would lead them on a two-year journey of discovery, development, and some trial and error to create a single application – bringing together the multitude of excel spreadsheets, three-ring binders, filing cabinets, fax machines, and single-task applications that “solved” their day-to-day issues.

Today, Prelien Pro Technologies has fully deployed its construction lien software (CLS) application to National Lien Services.  That application currently supports 466 construction firms, 1500 users, and 10 lien preparation professionals.