Contingency Planning & Preparation for Impacts From COVID-19

Contingency Planning & Preparation for Impacts From COVID-19

Our team is always impressed by the resolve of the builders and creators that help improve the lives and resources of their communities.  As of late, we’ve seen the builder’s spirit is exceptionally strong and wonderfully resilient.  This isn’t the first time we, as an industry, have faced significant challenges to our way of life; and, as in the past, we will persevere.   

Please rest assured that we’re closely monitoring government responses (local, county, state, and federal) that may impact your lien or bond rights.    If you’d like to research your projects’ location to the list of current counties affected by delays, modifications, or closures, please click on the following link: County Delays   If you have questions or concerns related to those projects, please don’t hesitate contacting us. 
We have been working in-tandem with our legal team to ensure we’re all prepared for any hard pivots that may occur as this situation continues to evolve.

We would like you to feel confident that we’re all here to serve your needs, answer questions, or adjust alongside your teams during this unique time.  Our company has followed a fully virtual operational model since our inception; therefore, we will be operating at full capacity and fully available to you and your team whenever you need us.

It’s our hope that the silver lining from all of this is our willingness and openness to support our neighbors, friends, strangers, and community a little differently.  You are our community and we’ll continue to stand with you.  

You’re a tough fighter, this is going to be a tough opponent, and we’re in your corner.  We’re always a phone call or email away if you need us. 

Onward and upward, 

Your National Lien Services Team

Amy, Susie, Dennise, Yaya, Noel, Kenzy, Scott, Nick, and Jill